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This is the second time in a week I had to restart my phone because an app refused to to let me switch to another app. Fuck android

markov post, possibly nsfw 


nvm. I think it's actually videos. I paused the first one I came across on the masto webui, scrolled back up, and the cpu dropped dramatically. I have a feeling firefox isn't using gpu accel for videos

Damnit! Pinafore really hits my cpu for some reason. Like all 4 cores are easily hitting 20% when there's barely any activity with it closed

Correction: it's updated on my desktop. I need to push to prod. Not sure how I forgot that part haha

Woo! Updated pinafore to 1.14 which means searching works fine now

you should be allowed to stop participating in america

It turns out the v2 endpoint has been around for a while, so v1 was probably removed. That said, rewriting v1 to v2 in the web server seems to get it to work again in apps that haven't switched over yet, although hashtags are returned as #[object Object]

Fucking shit fuck

The search on my instance is completely broken and I have no clue why. I guess I'll go digging through logs and github issues

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Izalia being cute and resting her head on top of a heart