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There is a new optional feature in the master branch called authorized-fetch mode, which requires all fetches of ActivityPub resources to be signed, which in turn allows to reject fetches from domain-blocked servers.

Enabling this right now is not a great idea because current Mastodon versions don't sign all requests, so some functions would be impacted, a slow roll-out is advised #mastodev

Pokemon get yourself together, man
Pokemon move to Philly
Pokemon buy a loft
Pokemon start a noise band
Pokemon get six or seven roommates
Pokemon eat hummus with them
Pokemon book some gigs
Pokemon burn down an Applebee's
Pokemon listen to Animal Collective
Pokemon start some kinda salsa company

everyone SHUT UP

you can pet the dog in Dwarf Fortress now

As the #Glimpse project has existed for less than a week we are still working on the content and design for our website, but for now we have provided some initial answers to your FAQs:

List of gab instances 

new dialup express instance block, gab, boosts welcome 

extreme EA Sports voice 

Cats: puppy
Dogs: puppy
Dolphins: puppy
Mice: puppy
Fish: guppy
Puppy: puppy

The latency is noticeable when playing minecraft, but it isn't too bad tbh

tired: using icecast to stream mpd from your desktop to your phone
wired: just fucking running pulseaudio on your phone and having mpd connect directly to it

"A whole new Twitter is coming"

What new horrors await us?

Not sure if tusky slowing down after being open for a while is a bug or my phone being shit as usual

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Izalia being cute and resting her head on top of a heart