So there's a section in pixelfed to add links to patreon and such which is awesome. More social media apps should include this tbh

So I've finally got the relay running natively on linux and it's packaged up with pyinstaller :3

Turns out pycrypto just doesn't work on windows at all. Thankfully somebody forked it to pycryptodome and made a wheel for it

Holy shit! I knew gzipping it would help, but I didn't think it would bring it down to 1/4

Damnit! So close and I'm about to add db compression to my backup script

A white logo on a blue bg seems to be popular for some reason

Y'all like access times?

Not sure how I didn't catch the fact that the date and time is listed 3 times until like half an hour ago. This is fixed on the dev relay though :3

Just updated the prod relay with this round of changes. I finished the new template system and reworked a lot of the setup stuff :3

Also... nice


oh heck

I need to figure out how to stop qtcurve from allowing transparency for virtualbox

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Izalia being cute and resting her head on top of a heart