I've been really liking Jinji so far. It was pretty easy to make a function that recieves the template filename and the variable dict which spits out the rendered text. It works wonderfully with html, but I'm gonna try it with css now and see if I can create lighten/darken functions similar to scss :3



Oh hell yeah! I've got a working darken function. Now I just need to figure out the math for the lighten function :3


I also plan on implementing other color functions, but doing lighten and darken first will make it easier to figure out the others. Btw the Colour module simplifies it all and I'm so glad it exists UvU



@izaliamae that module is so good gh I had forgotten I used it, but it's great

@efi I've only been tinkering with it for like 30 min and I love it so much already. I was initially looking up how to convert hex to hsl and it looked like a fucking mess, so this module is a blessing

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