Apparently my little python app is recieving notifs while pinafore isn't wtf

Even masto's webui wasn't updating, so maybe the streaming server wasn't working correctly. I just restarted it

That actually seemed to be the issue wtf. Ban node too tbh

I had trouble with pinafore updating fedi. I wonder if that was fixed too

Not only is it still broken, I'm not recieving notifs again

Fuck I hate computers


Fuck this shit. I'm just gonna use my phone for now. It's less stressful

It looks like it's just firefox on my server that's not playing nicely. My phone and desktop are fine. I'm gonna fucking yeet Firefox into the sun if it doesn't start cooperating

I'm gonna make a mastodon-compatible client in kivy eventually and it's gonna be shit, but I swear it'll more stable than a damn browser app

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