Genders are like javascript

I have no fucking clue how either works

@izaliamae I still say gender is a lie made up by big gay to sell more pride flags

@Elizafox @izaliamae and flags are a lie made by big fabric to sell more thread

@raven @izaliamae thread is a lie made by big textile to sell more wool, polyester, cotton, and other related materials

@Elizafox wool is a lie made by sheep because the love getting shorn. cotton isn't a conspiracy but it would be if plants could conspire

@raven cotton was a conspiracy by big confederacy to have an excuse to subjugate human beings they saw as lesser

... this... isn't that far from the truth fuck

@raven especially considering cotton as an industry in the south was in decline before the civil war

Gender shitpost 

@izaliamae the more you truly know about either, the less you feel like you know? and those who know the least seem to claim to be the experts?
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