I don't think is coming back, so here's my relay if y'all are looking for a new one


@kandyelmo boops tried to ban a few domains and the relay reset its db. He's dealt with so many problems with it in the past, so I don't blame him for giving up on it

@izaliamae I just thought about something you might be able to add on your relay page BTW, for convenience

I’ve realized you could probably add a button similar to what you have for going to relay settings for Pleroma instances, where the button would send a POST request to their instance’s API endpoint /api/pleroma/admin/relay with the parameter relay_url being set to your relay. As long as they’re signed into their admin account, that should basically do the same thing as following a relay in the command line.

@Frinkeldoodle Oh. I didn't know that was possible. I'll have to put up a test instance and try it out

@izaliamae ...Wait, I just realized it'd have to somehow have the bearer credentials attached and I don't think that'd be the case if you just browsed to it. My bad x.x

@Frinkeldoodle It sounds like it uses oauth, but I'm not sure how to implement that on my end or if it's even worth the hassle

@izaliamae wait, what happened with

I didn't even know it was down until I saw this from someone boosting it

@bat Long story short, boops has dealt with so many issues with the relay and I guess he got tired of it with the latest problem

@izaliamae Ah, dang, that sucks!

Thanks for starting one up though! I'm a smol single user instance so the relays definitely help @_@

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